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Will Florida Medicaid Cover an Abortion?

Between doctor’s visits, medications, screenings, time off from work, and the cost of the abortion itself, the process of ending an unwanted pregnancy can be costly. 

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion, Palm Beach Women’s Clinic is here to help you navigate your pregnancy options and the costs you might encounter along the way! 

Will Florida Medicaid Pay for an Abortion? 

Women seeking abortion care in the state of Florida will likely be required to pay for the cost of the procedure out-of-pocket. Both private and publicly-funded insurance plans like FL Medicaid are restricted from covering abortion care in Florida, except in the cases of life endangerment, rape, or incest. 

How Much Does an Abortion Cost Out-of-Pocket? 

The cost of a surgical abortion will vary and is largely dependent on the gestational age of the fetus, with first-trimester abortions costing around $500, second-trimester abortions costing roughly $1,200, and late-term abortions costing upwards of $3000 or more depending on health circumstances.

In addition to the cost of the procedure itself, it’s important to remember that there are other costs one should budget for when considering if abortion is right for them.

Potential abortion expenses include:

  • Medications
  • Additional care/surgery in case of complications 
  • Pre-abortion screenings such as an ultrasound, pregnancy testing, and STD testing 
  • Accommodations if travel is required
  • Missed paychecks due to taking time off for the procedure and recovery 

Where can I access a free abortion near me?

There are two main abortion providers in Palm Beach County and Broward County, however, neither clinic offers free abortions.

Abortion providers in the Palm Beach County and Broward County areas include: 

  1. Dr. Benjamin

    • Dr. Benjamin is an MD who performs abortions at a gynecological surgery center in Ft. Lauderdale. Surgical abortions are legal in Florida through the 24th week of pregnancy via surgical abortion.
  2. Presidential Women’s Center

    • Presidential Women’s Center is the abortion provider in West Palm Beach.

Are you looking for affordable pre-abortion screening services? Palm Beach Women’s Clinic provides no-cost, confidential pregnancy healthcare and resources to those experiencing unplanned pregnancies!

What Steps Should I Take before Scheduling an Appointment for an Abortion? 

Before you begin to seriously consider your pregnancy options, we recommend scheduling an appointment for an ultrasound. After you receive your results, your clinician will help you understand your options and guide you as you move forward through this process!

Because abortion is a serious medical procedure, you will be required to receive an ultrasound scan before undergoing surgery. Not only are ultrasounds legally required in the state of Florida, but they are also an essential step in the abortion process.

Your ultrasound will provide you and your doctor with information regarding the pregnancy, including the age, location, and viability. Having this information will allow your doctor to decide what abortion procedure you are eligible for, how much you can expect to pay, and if there are any immediate health concerns you should be aware of.

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