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What to Expect During an Ultrasound

Whether you’re facing a planned or unplanned pregnancy, it’s important to get an ultrasound. Ultrasound technology has advanced through the years and can provide information about the health, location, and timing of the pregnancy.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, we offer free appointments at Palm Beach Women’s Clinic so contact us today if you need to schedule an ultrasound. 

What to Expect During an Ultrasound Appointment

If you’re nervous about your ultrasound or just want more information before scheduling yours, here’s information on what to expect during an ultrasound:

  1. When you show up for your appointment, you’ll check-in at the front desk and fill out routine paperwork. You’re welcome to bring a friend, partner, or family member with you to your appointment. 
  2. Once you’re called back to the exam room, and you’ll lay on the exam table and roll your pants down slightly and shirt up to reveal your abdomen. If you tend to get cold, you should bring a light jacket just in case.
  3. After you’re settled, the ultrasound tech will spread a gel over your abdomen to help the ultrasound wand pick up the sound waves and create the image for you to see. Then the tech will move the wand (also called a transducer) over your stomach. You may feel pressure but it won’t be painful.
  4. It shouldn’t take too long to pick up the images, and then you’ll have the option to view them. The ultrasound tech will explain the images and answer any questions you have.

Why an Ultrasound Is Important

If you’re unsure about your pregnancy or planning to have an abortion, you may not think you need an ultrasound. But actually, having an ultrasound is important for you as well. If the pregnancy is located outside the uterus, it is not viable and can be life-threatening to you; you’ll need a different type of procedure than a normal abortion.

An ultrasound will also reveal how far along you are which determines the type of procedure you can have as well.

Schedule a Free and Confidential Ultrasound

To schedule a free and confidential ultrasound appointment, please contact us today. If you need help processing your decision, our trained client advocates are on hand to provide information and a listening ear as well.

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