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What is a Toothpaste Pregnancy Test and Why You Shouldn’t Use It

When you think you may be facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is understandable to want answers quickly. Depending on your situation, you may not feel as if you have time or access to an in-clinic or even store-bought pregnancy test. Searching for a solution, many women have found what is called “a toothpaste pregnancy test” online. While online articles claim this method works, toothpaste is not an accurate method to determine pregnancy.

First Things First: How Does It Claim to Work?

People claim that a toothpaste pregnancy test works in the same way that a traditional pregnancy test does and detects the presence of hCG, the hormones associated with pregnancy. The claim is there is a certain ingredient in toothpaste that interacts with hCG, causing it to foam if mixed with a pregnant person’s urine.

Why Toothpaste Does not Work as a Pregnancy Test.

There is no evidence that suggests that ingredients in toothpaste can accurately indicate pregnancy. Toothpaste is developed and tested to best clean your teeth- not to test for pregnancy. Toothpaste is not tested to ensure that this method is reliable or even effective at indicating pregnancy. Using this method, it is highly likely that you could get a false result.

Why You Should Not Use a Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Using an unreliable method to test for pregnancy could cause you to worry you are pregnant when you are not. If you are pregnant and you get a negative result, you risk the health of the pregnancy. There are proven methods and resources available to reliably indicate pregnancy, and you are much better off using any of those than trying a DIY pregnancy test at home. It is better to use a method you can trust to give you accurate results.

I Think I am Pregnant. How Can Palm Beach Women’s Clinic Help Me?

At Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, we offer confidential, in-clinic pregnancy testing to women facing unplanned pregnancies at no cost. Our lab-quality pregnancy tests are administered by a medical professional and are 99 percent accurate.

When you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you want results you can trust. Contact Palm Beach Women’s Clinic today to schedule your no-cost appointment.

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