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Why A Natural Abortion Isn’t Natural Or Safe

Many believe that natural abortions are a safe alternative to a medical abortion, but that could not be further from the truth. Natural abortion, like any other at-home abortion, can put your long-term physical and mental health at stake.

If you’re considering abortion, it’s important that you’re educated on all aspects of your decision, from health effects to lawfulness. Listed below is what you need to know regarding natural abortions, how they affect the body, and potential health complications of at-home abortions.

What is a natural abortion?

A natural abortion is used to describe the process of terminating a pregnancy on your own. This can be done through excessive amounts of food, herbs, medicine, or extreme and abnormal physical activity, such as extensive workouts.

Unfortunately, natural abortions are far from natural. They are in the same arena as at-home abortions when it comes to potential dangers and health risks. Even though natural abortions tend to have more emphasis on the use of everyday items, hence the term “natural,” using them in abnormal ways can result in adverse health effects.

Why are natural abortions dangerous?

First, no medical professional is going to recommend an at-home abortion. Therefore, any information regarding natural abortion methods is subjective and not credible in terms of health, safety, and effectiveness.

Natural abortions are dangerous to your health because most natural abortions require extremely high doses of medicine, herbs, vitamins and even exercise. Large amounts of certain vitamins can lead to unhealthy side effects, like vomiting, diarrhea, kidney stones, insomnia, heartburn and abdominal cramps. In addition, some methods recommend herbs that are highly toxic and potent on their own, let alone high doses of them.

As natural abortions recommend several different things, sometimes suggesting pairing one method with another can lead to misinformation and harm. Over-consuming one item can be dangerous itself, but over-consuming multiple items intensify the negative health effects.

Much like excess in consumption of herbs, food or vitamins, excess in other physical activity can lead to physical injuries.

What are the dangers and potential health complications of at-home abortions?

Listed below are some of the main dangers of at-home abortions.

  1. Lack of Medical Attention. The absence of medical attention and assistance during and after any type of abortion can be very dangerous. Medical professionals are trained to recognize and detect potential physical and mental side effects that result from abortion procedures. Without this medical attention, you are putting yourself at risk.

In addition, without the assistance of a medical professional, you can’t be sure you’re even pregnant. This makes any type of procedure, at-home or professional, unsafe and unnecessary. Ultrasounds reveal the life development of the baby and determine what stage of pregnancy you’re in. Instead of putting yourself at unnecessary risk, schedule an appointment with a Women’s Health Clinic, like Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, to receive a free and limited obstetric ultrasound.

  1. Dangerous Health Complications. One of the main issues that arise from at-home abortions is an incomplete process. In the event of an unsuccessful abortion, you will require a surgical abortion to remove the rest of the baby. And without medical attention, you will likely be unaware of an unsuccessful abortion. This can lead to dangerous health effects from body parts being left inside the womb.

Other health problems include mental trauma and excessive bleeding. While it’s common for women to experience PTSD after abortion procedures, lack of medical attention and counseling can make matters worse. The same goes for excessive bleeding and other physical complications. Consequently, lack of medical experience can cause health risks to you and your body, potentially damaging organs, or your uterus and cervix.

  1. In some jurisdictions, it is illegal. At-home abortions in some places around the U.S. are punishable by law.

Please, do not ever attempt an at-home abortion. For more information regarding unplanned pregnancy options and abortion procedures, contact Palm Beach Women’s Clinic for a free and confidential appointment. Our professional staff will provide you with unbiased information and answer any questions you may have about next steps. 

Palm Beach Women’s Clinic does not perform or refer for abortions.


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