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My Boyfriend Left Me and I Think I’m Pregnant

No matter how it ended, both thinking that you might be pregnant and learning you are no longer in a relationship are two very significant changes to happen at once. We know you’re tired, hurt, upset, and probably a little bit scared. It’s okay to feel these things, and when you’re ready, to reach out for help. Here are a few things to do and remember if your boyfriend left you and you think you might be pregnant.

Give yourself time to cry

You are hurting, and that’s okay. Someone who played a big role in your life is no longer there, and no matter how strong you are, that will take time to move on from. Give yourself some grace, let yourself cry, and know that it’s okay to be angry and upset. Bottling those feelings up inside won’t help them go away, it just means they’ll come out eventually, and usually at an inopportune time.

Know that you’re not alone

In the midst of feeling all of those things, it’s important to know that there are many people who are here to encourage and support you. There are resources available so that, even though you’re hurt and angry and feeling uncertain, you do not have to feel hopeless about your situation.

Come in for no-cost pregnancy testing

Wondering whether or not you’re pregnant can make you feel even more anxious than knowing would. At Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, we offer no-cost and confidential pregnancy testing services, as well as medical pregnancy confirmation with an ultrasound appointment. It’s completely judgement and cost free to get the answers you need.

Reach out to friends and family

When you’re in a relationship – particularly an unhealthy one – sometimes friendships don’t get as much time as they deserve. Take time to rebuild or establish new friendships. Grab lunch and really take the time to feed into positive, life-giving friendships. They’ll leave you feeling comforted and refreshed, and they’ll serve as a support system later on if you are pregnant.

Understand the options

Really take the time to understand each of the options available to you, and how each one is a possibility. That’s the very best way to make an empowering, informed decision for your body and your future. Our staff can help you with information on each option if you aren’t sure where to start.

Remember that you are worthy of love

The fact that your boyfriend left you means this relationship wasn’t the best one for you. You are absolutely worthy of love, and not just love within a romantic relationship but love that develops within good friendships and strong family relationships.

This is an obstacle, but it isn’t the end

It takes time to work through the emotions following the end of a relationship and the discovery that you are pregnant. Give yourself that time and know that it’s okay to feel hurt. Real strength comes from understanding your own vulnerability and allowing yourself to feel. Then, take time to understand the options, focus on other relationships, and eventually you’ll look back and see the growth you experienced through this process.

If your boyfriend left you and you think you might be pregnant, Palm Beach Women’s Clinic has the information and services you need to know for sure. We also offer support and encouragement to remind you that you are not alone in this.

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