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I Don’t Want Another Abortion

Know abortion isn’t the choice for you, but facing an unplanned pregnancy and not sure what to do? We understand the need to plan your next step and find the answer you’re looking for that provides you with peace of mind and confidence. In this blog post, we’ll explore your other options and what might be right for you.

What About Adoption?

Many women hear “adoption” and are immediately turned off. However, give yourself a moment to learn more about this option and all the possibilities that can come from it.

You might be surprised by how this option has changed over the years, and with the array of choices, you can now decide how adoption will look for you specifically.

Adoption is actually an umbrella term that has subcategories and options under it. For example, there is Open Adoption, Semi-Open Adoption, and Closed Adoption. 

  • Open: Most adoptions today are open, which means you can be a large part of your child’s life, and have regular contact with them and the adoptive family you choose.
  • Semi-Open: If you prefer to have some contact but would like assistance regulating how much communication you participate in, semi-open adoption might be right for you.
  • Closed: Sometimes, women prefer closed adoptions, which protect their anonymity and seal all identifying records.

What About Parenting?

Did you know that many resources are available to help parents financially and educationally? Finding the proper support and a community that supports you is necessary for everyone, even those who plan pregnancy.

What if you feel you might need more time than you currently have to prepare for your child? Good news! There is help for that too. Safe Families provides a loving, stable home for children while their parents prepare for them and, once ready, welcome them home.

Need More Answers?

Need help finding the clarity you need? Here at Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, we can help connect you to resources, community, education, and more. Schedule a no-cost appointment today and allow our compassionate team to serve you! 

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