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How to Handle Your Unplanned Pregnancy in High School

Unplanned pregnancies can be overwhelming- especially when you are still a student. We know this can seem daunting, but we are here to support you. At Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, we know how difficult it may seem, but we hope these tips will help you feel more confident about handling your unplanned pregnancy in high school.

Tip #1: Know your rights

Title IX be the most important thing to get educated in as a pregnant student. Title IX is legislation that is meant to promote equality and protect against discrimination. If your school receives any federal funding, they must abide by Title IX regulation or they forfeit funding.

Connect with Your School’s Title IX Coordinator

Any school that receives federal funding has a designated person to coordinate Title IX initiatives. This person can serve as a resource to you in school and help you arrange accommodations to make your education accessible to you through your pregnancy

Use Your Excused Absences

Your school cannot penalize you for absences related to your pregnancy or childbirth. You have the right to remain in any student leadership position or classes you were already enrolled in. You should be given the opportunity to make up missed work or be given alternative assignments to replace participation or attendance points.

Take Special Courses for Pregnant Students

In the case that you become pregnant, your school may offer additional classes or give you the opportunity to transfer to an alternative school for special classes for pregnant students. Transferring should always be your choice- not your school’s. You should request to visit the alternative school and if you are not satisfied with the facilities and/or programs, you can remain at your current school.

Tip #2: Identify Your Support Systems

High school can be difficult for anyone, especially when you are pregnant. You should not feel like you need to endure it all alone. No matter your situation, there are people in your life that will stand by you and help you through.

Family and Friends

These people loved you before, and will still love you through your pregnancy. They may be shocked or even confused, but those who stand by you through the tough times are the kind of people you want to keep close. If you need help navigating how to tell your parents you are pregnant, check out this post ( to help you prepare.

Community Support

Many communities have resources and support centers for pregnant teens ( Do your research on what is available in your area! Many places offer support for young mothers and some even offer material or medical assistance.

Tip #3: Get the Right Care

Prenatal care is incredibly important in any pregnancy. Free and confidential care is available for women facing unplanned pregnancies in most communities. At Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, we offer free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and more to women facing unplanned pregnancies in our community. Learn more about our services.

Being pregnant in high school can be a challenge, but we hope our tips will help make pregnancy seem less daunting and help you start creating a plan.

If you’re are a pregnant student and want more information, contact Palm Beach Women’s Clinic today to make an appointment!

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