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How Adoption Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

Have you or someone you know just discovered they’re unexpectedly pregnant? There are so many things to think about when dealing with any pregnancy, but it’s even more complicated when it’s unplanned. Where do you even begin? Are you asking yourself some of these questions?

  • How am I going to tell my parents, my boyfriend, my friends?
  • What do I do? How did this even happen?
  • Can I afford an abortion? How will I feel after the abortion?
  • Is adoption a good thing? Can I emotionally handle it?

These are important questions to ask.

Deciding Which Direction

Only you know your life’s situation and the best direction. Look at all of your options thoroughly. This decision will affect your life forever, and you need to take the time to understand the outcome each one will have on your future. 

Unfortunately, your choices aren’t easy. You have to know what’s right for you.

The Abortion vs. Adoption Debate

The abortion industry tells you it’s easy to get rid of a pregnancy. They make it sound like there are no after-effects. You have an abortion, walk away, and never think about it again.

Really? The trauma of an unplanned pregnancy alone is hard to forget. Why would it be easy to forget heavy bleeding with blood clots, severe cramping, fever, diarrhea, and other symptoms? 

Adoption has its emotional effects too. The very description used in the past was “giving up your baby.” How can a woman do that? It sounds too painful. 

A birthmother questions whether she’s a mother at all. What’s her identity? Is she just supposed to forget her child?

Both abortion and adoption are painful decisions to make. There is depression involved in both choices. 

The Emotional Similarities Between Abortion and Adoption

Neither of these options should be easy to choose. They are lifelong decisions that will stay with you forever. Both of them share these similarities:


  • Grief and loss
  • Potential for anxiety and depression
  • Mixed emotions of regret, guilt, and relief
  • Need for counseling & support groups


  • Grief and loss
  • Potential for anxiety and depression
  • Confusion about parental identity, guilt
  • Need for counseling & support groups

The Emotional Differences Between Abortion and Adoption

Abortion and adoption differ in their ultimate outcomes. Here’s how:


  • Isolation – no one speaks about it
  • Questioning the decision
  • No relationship with the child


  • Pride & empowerment to share
  • Reassurance the child is happy & healthy
  • Ongoing relationship through an open plan

Options Consultations

If you don’t have anyone you feel you can trust to talk with, visit us at Palm Beach Women’s Clinic. We’ve confidentially spoken with countless women who’ve been in your exact situation. Together, we reviewed the pros and cons of each one of their options. Ultimately, they all made the best choice for their future. 

Schedule your appointment today. We can verify your pregnancy with pregnancy testing and ultrasound. Then, we can sit down and discuss your options. We want to give you all the information you need to make a confident decision. How can we help you?

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