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Does my health insurance cover an abortion in Florida?

If you are unexpectedly pregnant in the Palm Beach area and looking into your options, it is only natural to wonder whether your health insurance will cover an abortion in Florida. Palm Beach Women’s Clinic is here to empower you with no-cost medical services and information about your options, all provided in a confidential setting.

We will walk you through popular forms of health insurance and whether they will cover an abortion performed in Florida.

What steps does Florida require before an abortion?

Before we get into the details of what health insurance covers, it’s important you know what steps Florida requires you to take before having an abortion. The state of Florida does require you to have an ultrasound prior to an abortive procedure, which Palm Beach Women’s Clinic can provide you with at no cost. If you are a minor, Florida also requires that your parent(s) or legal guardian are notified of your abortion. These rules can change, so it’s vital you learn the most up-to-date information.

Will Medicaid health insurance cover an abortion in Florida?

Medicaid is a government-run insurance program, funded together by both the federal and state governments. In Florida, the Medicaid health insurance program does not cover abortion costs.

Will private insurance cover an abortion in Florida?

Florida is one of several states that does not allow the coverage of abortion as part of private health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. This means that any health plan from the Marketplace will not cover abortion costs.

What happens if I’m on my parent’s health insurance?

When health insurance is used, the insurance company sends a document called an explanation of benefits to the policy holder (often your parents if you are a minor or a young adult). This document explains the total charge and how much the insurance company will pay of the total amount.

How much will an abortion cost out of pocket?

Because the majority of insurance options in Florida do not cover abortion costs, these procedures are often paid for out of pocket. Learn more about how much each of the abortion procedures can cost, or about how much the abortion pill costs in Florida.

What do I do now?

An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming and difficult to cope with, especially if you do not have a support system to help you. Palm Beach Women’s Clinic empowers women facing difficult circumstances with information about their options, encouragement and support, and practical advice about where to go from here. Contact us to schedule your no-cost and confidential appointment today.

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